Thursday, February 10, 2011

can't keep up

I'm a lousy blogger. I'm not even going to try to catch up. I'll just start today. Unfortunately, that's what I always say. But, there's no day like today to start being a good blogger.

I've been dealing with horrible tantrums on Pup's part. He's started hitting himself in the head. We've started receiving parent education for behavior once a week and some of the techniques we're learning have been helping a little, but I can tell this will be a long road.

AJ is doing well in kindergarten. It's amazing how much he's learning. He's really starting to read and seems to be a whiz at math. Nothing is hard for him at this point. It may take some practice, but once he gets it he gets it! I got to go on his first field trip a couple of weeks ago to see the Chinese Acrobat show. He loved it, and it was so much fun seeing him with his friends. It was his first school bus ride. He made it clear that he wanted to sit with his friends and not me!

On another good note, Pup had his first speech therapy session without any need for bouncing or swinging. He was attentive the whole hour!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Law of Attraction is not a law

When encouraging AJ, now 5 years old to use the power of positive thinking to attract a good parking spot he said, "MOM, just because you imagine something doesn't mean it'll come true." Me: Yes it will, if you believe hard enough. Him: No it won't. If I imagine I'm climbing Mt. Everest doesn't mean it'll come true. ME: If you believe it, then maybe one day with the right tools you can do it! HIM: There's snowstorms and blizzards up there, Mom. It's the highest Mt. in the world! ME: So, people can still climb it. HIM: Mom, I'm never climbing Mt. Everest OR jumping from an airplane with or without an army parachute. I'll only jump off the couch!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Party Time!

We had our annual Christmas party last night. Not as many people as usual as many family members were sick, but this was a blessing in disguise as there was more seating for people! It was still fun. Poor nephew Hank the Tank was sick, as was my sister and step-father. We had our usual white elephant gift exchange, and AJ even played piano- for tips.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Started ABA today for Pup AND a second hour of speech therapy until he's 3. The behaviorist just observed his behavior for the hour. I'm hoping she will be an asset to our family.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Funny Things

AJ- "tantrum, tantrum, whine...."
Me: " Stop whining."
AJ: "It's your fault."
Me: "Don't blame me for your whining."
AJ: "My parents always make me mad."

Later tonight-
AJ was doing his homework. I asked him to correct something.
His reply, "I can control my own life."

Saturday, November 27, 2010


My sister brought it to my attention that it has been a year since I blogged. I can't at this time catch up on the entire past least not today, but I promise myself that I'm going to start again. Too much has happened in the past year for me to write everything, but at some point I will probably highlight some good stuff. I can only do what I can do, right?

Work has kept me very busy as well as my kids. Pup is doing well and will start ABA next week. AJ is in kindergarten now and is doing well. So, to get myself started I told my husband I would at least write something to get myself it is. I was dreading having to start again as I felt so much time has past, but I really don't need to record every detail of the past year and can just start from today.

BUT, now that I'm sitting and typing, I feel compelled to write some stuff down. Pup is finally starting to try to communicate. I say try because I feel that I as his mother am probably the only one who'd understand him. I worry about when he starts preschool in a few months. How will they know what he wants? He will start a second hour of speech this next week. Thank goodness for Regional Center.

Ok, this has wiped me out. More tomorrow. Promise.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Long Update-Post Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving at Grandma and Grandpa's

I realize I haven't posted in a long while. We've been quite busy this past month. One thing I'm grateful to my husband for is his sense of family and adventure. He loves to do things as a family so we often go to many places- even just to drive and walk around. Sometimes I think that if it wasn't for him we wouldn't go anywhere. Here's a pic from the Griffith Park Carousel, train, and pony rides. Pup had his first pony ride ever (which he loved) and AJ rode his first horse in the non-traditional pony ride sense.

Here are Daddy and AJ on the train, but unfortunately you can't see the train part.

That same weekend we went to the Town Center for "Toys for Big Boys." This 3 day event was part of the California Lifestyles Expo where tractors, RVs, Limos, Race Cars, Funny Cars, tires, and home improvement projects were displayed for all to see. We specifically went to this event to support my step-dad Randy who was representing his company that makes torque converters.

Here are some pictures of AJ and his Grandpa from that day. They are standing in front of a race car that is sponsored by Randy's workplace and is still racing today. Randy was once a member of its crew and responsible for many of its parts. AJ was so excited that he actually got to sit in a car- something many people will never get to do.

The next event of the month was the annual Christmas tree lighting we also attend at the Town Center. This year we went with Danny's mom, sister, and the Worfords. Pup was very engaged by the lights and the music as well as the man on stilts.

AJ loves the juggler.

This month we also went out to dinner for Granny Mimi's and Uncle Ryan's birthday. The whole fam went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner.

The 3 amigos at dinner. (Pup, Baby Worf, and Hank the Tank)

Last but not least we had Thanksgiving. We enjoyed two nice dinners- one at my grandmother's and one at Danny's mom's house. Unfortunately our Thanksgiving was accompanied by ear infection and pink eye. Poor Pup. He was not well. I had taken him to urgent care on Tues. and he was put on antibiotics for the ear infections. On Friday I took him back because his eyes did not look right. Sure enough he had pink eye too. Not fun. Fortunately, everyone else seemed to escape it except for Hank the Tank. Guess we should have stayed home. Anyhow, it was nice visiting with family- on both sides. Danny's tia Irma is in treatment for cancer so it was good to see her doing well. On my side it was great to see my aunt and sister who we don't see much due to distance.

I am looking forward to Christmas and the rest of the family festivities. Danny sat down last night and filled the calendar with all the holiday things that we need to do before Christmas. This includes driving down Candy Cane Lane, watching various Christmas movies, and taking pics with Santa. His goal is to fill our house with everything Christmas. There are a lot of decorations up and at first it was annoying, but I'm starting to embrace it. It is fun for the kids afterall- and that's who it's about anyway.

In AJ news, 2 of Pup's therapists this past week told me how smart they thought AJ was and how good his vocabulary is for only a 4 year old. I was quite pleased, and although I'm really not one to brag, I feel like it's because of all the books we've read to him and the experiences we try to give him. Anyway, it made me feel good. That's all.